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        Technology Components

        Browse our set of products and solutions that empower you with tools that keep you in control. The internet and the devices you use to browse is changing. It is a new world out there you need new tools to take advantage of it.

        New Product Launch


        Introducing a revolutionary calendar system designed for the eyes of players and parents, with powerful tools for administrators and coaches. This Event Calendar Management System was built from the ground up for instant access to full calendar detail for the web and mobile devices.

        Get Started Today

        • Instone CMS

          Using our portal, the Instone Content Management System (ICMS) enables you to manage a web site with ease. Content can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything you can think of. An authorized user can implement updates yet requires almost no technical skill to make changes.

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        • FluxTag

          FluxTag connects Real Life with the Digital World instantly. From any mobile device with optic capability a user gains permanent access to information, websites, videos, reviews, and more. Sign in to the FluxTag Manager to create or edit unique Tags, manage Categories or view Reports.

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        • Mobile Web App

          Most websites are designed for desktop use; not mobile devices. Website text on mobile devices is tiny and navigation is slow. The Instone Mobile Web App is clearer and faster. The App is uniquely yours, going live is quick, and the same authorized user with limited technical skill can implement changes to the App.

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